YaBand has been in the voice wholesale industry for more than ten years.

Currently we are in possession of a Tier-1 telecom license in Cambodia. We have provided our premium service to more than 200 partners, who mainly are Tier-1 operators and Internet service providers, located in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. In 2013, YaBand totally achieved traffic of up to 2 billion minutes.

YaBand owns six soft-switch centers, high-performance servers and stable networks directly connected with China Telecom IDC, China Unicom IDC, Dallas IDC, Amsterdam IDC and the Cambodia telecom network-switching center.

Nowadays, we are monitoring more than one hundred million calls monthly.

Premium routes

China Voice Termination

As a direct telecom operator in China, we have opened several Pops in Eastern and Southern Mainland China for ten years. Due to our sole TDM China voice route resource, we have terminated millions minutes of daily China retail/wholesale voice traffic for many Tier 1 partners. As we enjoy exceptional advantage on China voice and data market with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, it helps us provide excellent service to our business partner. In the meantime, we are exploring our Fiber network and Bandwidth into all provinces of China, which will be useful for providing all-wave voice termination and network coverage to valuable customers.

  • Key Features:
    1. Direct TDM routes
    2. Strongest and most stable voice quality
    3. Quick and reliable support team
    4. 7x24 continuous timely service
    5. Most competitive Rates
Cambodia Voice Termination

YaBand was registered as a basic telecom operator in Cambodia in 2001. In the past decade, we have always been endeavoring to do better on our network quality and voice service. We have built excellent relationship with Cambodia Telecom and Cambodia Metfone, which helps us provide all-covered breakouts terminations. Till 2013, we have provided and sold our white Cambodia routes to more than 200 partners all over the world.

  • Key Features:
    1. Independent Network and Pops
    2. Ten years of Cambodia telecom operating experience
    3. Most competitive Rates
    4. Quick and reliable support team
    5. Premium white voice quality

A-Z solution

YaBand is committed to delivering the highest quality A-Z solutions with the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective networks that exceed expectations every time. Our solutions combine the best of Internet and telecommunications that guarantee reliability, scalability and flexibility. With an unparalleled success rate and industry expertise, YaBand guarantees VoIP business effectiveness and profitability for the customers.


SMS is becoming increasingly important for businesses and companies to engage in communications with customers. Ranging from verification code, to mobile notifications and marketing information, SMS has been involved in almost all corners of current business life. The challenge for mobile operators, service providers and enterprises is to provide scalable and reliable global SMS delivery with support for diverse features and dynamic country regulations.

YaBand is dedicated to providing the most reliable and fastest SMS service with high delivery rate. Contact us and we can set up test account for your SMS platform.

Recommended SMS route: China route (direct operator with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom)

We offer the following types of SMS service:

Verification code For verification process in mobile Apps, online banking and account security. Deliver within 1-2 sec.
Notification Got anything important to notify your clients? Our notification service delivers your message within 20 sec.
Marketing information Popular marketing and promotion tool nowadays. For more info, contact us.

Note: We do not deliver SMSs with illegal contents according to the law of the region.


YCall is an internet-based calling App for smartphones. Because YCall owns its own network, we can guarantee you an HD sound quality without dropouts and waiting times. Besides, we offer you low prices and a fast and convenient service.

Your calling connection is purely based on Internet (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G). Travelling abroad? Just get on Wi-Fi. Using your 3G/4G data? No worry! YCall consumes the lowest data flow. And no data will be wasted when it operates in the background.

You can call to more than 240 countries all around the world. Your contacts need neither Internet connection nor even installation of the APP. If they happen to have YCall as well, ALL your calls will be absolutely FREE! Invite them to join YCall, and you can earn 1 Euro or US Dollar as gift credits!

More information on official site www.ycall.me


As a new form of media in the Netherlands, the e-Media follows the trend of the switch from traditional reading to the modernized online reading.

YaBand Telecom contributed to the development of e-media by launching Dutchcn.com, which is a Chinese media platform for news about the Netherlands.

Dutchcn.com aims to provide the most useful daily life information for Chinese living in the Netherlands, or in general, Chinese speakers who are interested in getting to know the Netherlands.

Until 12 of January 2016, Dutchcn.com has reached 7152 subscribers and monthly view count around 170,000. The numbers of the subscribers are still increasing by 1500-2000 each month.

Besides, we own official accounts and have been updating news on various major news platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Sina, Tencent, ifeng, Sohu, etc.

Please follow us on Wechat by searching account number “dutchcn”.

For business cooperation, please contact us.

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