Most European based companies are bothered by their expensive monthly telephone bills. Indeed, in Europe, it is difficult to find an affordable international calling solution, which is of high voice quality at the same time. The rates you get from European operators can be hundreds of times as high as the actual costs.

YaBand, as an international telecommunication operator based in Hague, is dedicated to providing you with the cheapest international calling solution with crystal clear voice quality. Telephone bills are no more a concern for your business. You don’t need to change your current business number. We can set up everything ready for you.

Receiving calls is always free. A-Z calls to the globe are at the cheapest rates. More than 90 percent saving on your company phone bill. We also offer premium functions such as Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Caller Tunes, and Conference Call. Want to manage business on the same number while travelling internationally? We can provide you with an actual Dutch fixed number. It can be bonded with any phone or mobile or even fax in the world. You don’t have to be in the Netherlands, but you can receive the call on this number at anywhere in the world.

If you are seeking our professional business international calling solution or inquiring about the rates, please contact us at