Discover new Innovations, and experience next-generation technologies communication throughthe Asian Carriers Conference 2016. YaBand has been a trusted provider oftelecommunications and voice services for more than 13 years, successfully serving more than 100 operators and services providers worldwide. YaBand Prepare to connected Africa and Middle East carriers which is Unique and exciting market in the Global Telecom Arena with astounding growth prospects.

In any business, growing the pie is better than fighting for what’s left. Voice Solution is our business, and YaBand is seeking global voice carriers to grow and share that pie. Aiming at minimizing the route costs for your customers anywhere they go in the world, thus transforming your silent partners into active ones and maximizing your business revenues.

Moreover, YaBand key to deliver to our clients top-quality services designed to meet their needs which are easily managed, accompanied with top-class support. We want you to have a solid business with loyal and satisfied customers then driving forward the communications market‘s developments.