On 08 July, YaBand was invited by WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) as VIP exhibitor and exclusive sponsor to attend one of the largest ICT events in the Netherlands—ICT Summer Fair.  
ICT Summer this year has successfully attracted more than 90 Dutch ICT companies and over 700 registered delegates to participate in sharing network with each other. 
The event itself is co-organized by WFIA and Hague Municipality as one of the key steps for The Hague City to establish an ICT business atmosphere. 

YaBand, as a Chinese financed ICT firm located in the Netherlands, is always looking forward to enlarging our network in Europe and introducing the cutting-edge ICT technology from China to Europe. 

Through this event, YaBand, besides continuously seeking business opportunities for our VoIP business, also plans to take a preliminary insight into the situation of the Dutch Cloud Service Market. We would like to see more presence of Chinese ICT service providers in the future market in the Netherlands.